December 26, 2013

I never thought that I'd be able to spend Christmas with family on my mission... But! Yesterday, the best day ever, I got to spend a big majority of it with my little brother. Yesterday was truly amazing. I really hope that all of had a great and very memorable Christmas, I know it was for me.
I'll just give some details about the day. We got to have... wait for it... Elder Bednar!!! Obobo, so amazing. He passed out 200 cell phones (there were also cell phones at all the other international MTC's) and anyone who had a question could anonymously text in their question to him and he spent the hour just answering questions. It was amazing. There were so many things that he said that answered questions I've had for a long time. I can't even describe how strong the spirit was testifying that he is an apostle of the Lord. It was a very amazing experience.
We also had a talent show, that was ridiculously sweet. So many talented people! My favorite was the magician, I'm basically a 6 year old when it comes to magic tricks, I love them.
They had Ray Smith (a professor at BYU and apparently amazing musician) come with a jazz band and we got to listen to an hour of jazz Christmas music. My heart melted in happiness. I love jazz. They were all so talented, it was incredible. 
For Christmas lunch , I got to sit by my brother :D Julianne and my Mama both sent me awesome decorations to eat with and so our dinner was beautiful and so many people got to share it with us. Red table clothes, candy, electric candles, etc.... I felt very spoiled and very blessed.
And lastly, we got to watch the 2012 Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas performance AND they gave us kettle popcorn!! wow! Can I just say, it is an incredibly beautiful performance, I adored it. Even though Christmas is over, you should still watch it :) 
Overall, Christmas was amazing. I wish I had more time to elaborate and write about it, but I don't very much time today, we have to pack ... he he he ... so if I was so shortly describe my Christmas, it was amazing. I haven't felt that close to the Savior on Christmas for a very long time if ever at all. The spirit was astounding and the love I felt in my heart was so beautiful and so fulfilling. I love our Savior, what a beautiful day to celebrate Him.

So guess what? I leave at 430 am this TUESDAY! Less than a week! Bah! So crazy! ..... I don't speak Albanian at all, that'll be fun haha I just can't believe that in a week I'll be settled in and doing missionary work on the other side of the world.
Some details that you may be wondering (or maybe not you, but someone, whatever). Mail in Albanian is tough, it only goes to the mission home and unless I'm in Tirana (which is a big chance, I find out soon!) I only get it every 3 months :/ So, conclusion. Email rocks. We get extra email time to make up for the lack of mail. So if you want to contact me, it's probably best to email me. 
Oh and Jessy, if I'm in Tirana, I get to hold monkeys ;) .... and there's a random guy who walks around with his pet bear... ?? Ya, I have no idea. And if you drink the tap water, you get brain damage.... no big deal hahaha  
Uh, what else... I dunno.... I was talking to an Albanian elder who's here in the MTC and this was our conversation....
Me: "Ç'kemi!" (how's it going?)
Him: "Mirë, si je?" (good, how are you?)
Me: "Shumë mirë!" (super good)
Him: "Ça po bën?" (what are you doing?)
Me: "Po shkruar te klassë" (going to class)
Him: "lkajsdfëiawëoejrbnvlëakjoicmawoeirml.ym,csklpojwert" (l;aksdfl;kajdsfoiawelrkja;lkjdofjasdf)
Me: ".................................................
So, uh, I don't really speak Albanian.
hahahaha, I am probably going to die in Albania hahahaha So uh, pray for me. Good thing the Lord trusts that I can do this, that means that I can do this! ... eventually! haha ... after some long, confusing days I know I will get this very difficult language down! haha (sorry about all the "haha"'s, I just think this all is so funny!

Anyway, I gotta go pack and stuff.... But! Remember, the Lord loves you. On an individual basis. Don't ever forget that. He is there for you if you let Him. And if you put your trust in Him, you will have the power to do all things that He asks of you.

Motra Russell

Some of my sisters :)

Some people from my zone and some people from my brother's district at Christmas lunch :)

My district sisters!

Motra Defriez and me

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  1. Aw, Merry Christmas! I'm glad it was so wonderful!