#1- I went on a blind date last night. We'll call him Charles (that's confusing, I have a Charles and a Charlie... good thing I won't be writing about Charlie anymore, he just got engaged, ha!). Anyways, Charles was nice, I liked him. We went bowling. I lost terribly. We'll see if I hear from him again :)

#2- I'm finishing up my last semester of school and trying not to panic at the thought of having to be a "real" adult.

#3- Living with the best roommate ever! Shauna is aaaa-mazing. I adore her.

#4- Missing my sister on the mission. She leaves for Tampa this Monday, woo!

#5- Working on fixing up my house so I can put it up for sell. Crossing my fingers.

#6- And lastly, an embarrassing story :)

Once upon a time I parked my stick shift in a store parking lot. I went inside, did my business, chatted, yada yada yada.... when I headed out of the store and looked for my little Angelina (my car. In case you didn't catch onto that.), I couldn't find her. Strange, there were only 5 parking spots. Keep in mind that this parking lot is slanted down towards State Street.... I started to move my gaze from the original parking spot of my car towards State Street to find that my bitty Chevy had in fact rolled to the end of the parking lot and... thank my lucky stars... had been stopped by a dinky, little curb and a bush and had not rolled into State Street despite that it was certainly headed that direction.
Lesson learned.
I am now paranoid about checking my emergency break.


  1. gah! so glad your car was ok, I'd be paranoid too!

  2. Missed you like flowers miss the sun! Like cheese misses macaroni noodles. Like chalk misses the sidewalk! Love you oodles!