drug deal neil

I found a strange note on my car last week asking about if I knew a good "herboligist" and to meet him in the parking lot at 2:30 on Monday with proof of the "herboligists" degree signed Neil.... not only was it sketchy, it kind of sounded like a drug deal.
I went out to do yard work super early yesterday morning and found a bag full of crushed malt balls (I think?) and a note that said "Since you didn't pick up your stuff earlier, I thought I'd bring it by for you. -Neil"
I compared handwriting and the notes were written by two different people. I think the first was a fluke and the second is someone trying to mess with me. But still, who is Drug Deal Neil?!

So Drug Deal Neil, if you're reading this, I have a few things to say to you.
First. You should reveal yourself to me. Yup, I'm thinking I need to know who you are.
Second. I don't like malt balls, I think they're disgusting. Next time you should use crushed kit kats or something. Even though they may be laced with crack, I'd be a little more tempted to eat them.
That's all.
I hope to meet you soon creeper.