saying goodbye

My Dexter love is now living with Jordan.
I can't tell you how hard of a decision this was to make. Dexter is mine, he's my puppy, my baby.... but it's for the better and thankfully, only temporary.
I didn't realize how manageable he made living in this house until he was gone. This house is so lonely and haunted by miserable memories. Guy has been helping me to remodel the kitchen which is definitely helping, I did a lot of painting over the break and the kitchen remodel has changed a lot of the house. I don't think I could handle living here if everything was still the same. If I choose to, I can sell this summer which is relieving to say the least. It wears at my spirit to live here, but I would like to believe that I've been handling it well and I've had a lot of support from close friends and family which I am eternally grateful for.

My Happiness Project is going well, I know it's already been a day, but I'm noticing a little difference in my mentality changing and it's exciting. I'm tired of my life and determined to change it :)

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