I adore my family (as I'm sure most people do), they make my life bearable and happy and at times, very funny so I thought I'd share a few recent stories about how they make me laugh.

This thought first though... my little sister went through the LDS Timpanogos Temple yesterday for the first time. It was a beautiful experience that I am so happy I got to share with her. I'm proud of her for the choices she's making in her life right now, they're hard ones to make but very respectable and very admirable. I can't believe she leaves in less than two months.

After the temple, we went out to dinner as a family to Texas Roadhouse. Bless my mother's heart, she hates when the kids (my dad included) don't act "appropriate" while dining at a restaurant. It is the bane of her existence. And to my mother's horror, my sister shot the straw paper casing at my dad but missed and hit a lady in the booth behind us. I have never in my life seen such a piercing glare come from my mother's eyes. And while my sister was squirming in pain from the burn of the death rays coming from mom, the rest of us were rolling in our booth laughing. Jessy then continued to spill food on her lap multiple times, text, fork her steak fisted like a caveman and rip a bite from it, and try to eat with her napkin tucked in her collar.
Mom vowed to never take her out to dinner again.

My dad sometimes mixes up words or phrases. Here are some of my favorites that I've heard up to date.
Tweeter for Twitter.
That Biber kid for Justin Bieber.
Breakfwrast for breakfast (he will deny it to his grave but I swear he says breakfast with a 'w').
And my personal favorite:
Bedoodled and bejingled for bedazzled.

And lastly for now.

I was driving with mom on Christmas Eve doing some last minute shopping when she started slowly driving in circles in the parking lot loudly proclaiming that she was a rebel and actin' crraaazzzy!
I was very confused...
... until I realized that she thought she was doing doughnuts.

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