#1- My car has reached a whole new level of low.
I drove home from family dinner last night, parked my car in my carport and went to lock my door only to find that the lock was gone.... there is now a hole in my car door and I can only unlock from my passenger side, ha!
Congratulations Angelina, you are really earning the title of toy car.

#2- There have been many times in my life when I've been grateful that I can hold my tongue. Other times, I'm not so grateful because it would be great if I could say something witty and clever. But I think I'd rather be silent than say something that I'd later regret.

#3- Sometimes I feel like a barnacle when it comes to relationships. It's really quite the nuisance. I would love to be independent and unaffected by being single and alone... but I'm not. I'm currently rolling my eyes at myself and my inner 15 year old girl.

#4- I love nice people. People who are genuinely concerned about your well being and try to make sure that they are loving and kind to you. I try to be that person, I'm usually unsuccessful but at least I try.

#5- Lastly, I'm in the middle of finals right now. Yee-haw. Here are some photos from my final for my sports photography class... Alexia is an incredibly talented dancer, she blows my mind.

Happy Monday everyone :)


  1. Beautiful dancer, beautiful photos, and beautiful photographer!

  2. I just realized that some people might think you are in a secret relationship with this "jacob cuthbert" boy always commenting on your beauty... :)

  3. It's okay Mari, I know it's you ;)

  4. <3 I can give you some lovin when I get home in 20 days. What??? Plus you are a beast, as is Alexia..