making up

I feel like the last post was kind of mean. I try really hard to not photographer bash, a lot of people do it in my world and it makes me sad. Everyone likes their own thing and everyone is at a different level. So forgive me for photo bashing in that last post... I will now make it up by posting 3 positive things. (Which is kind of my rule, every negative thing said results in 3 positive follow ups)

#1- Watch this clip, it'll make you laugh. My favorite guy is the one who sells both kidneys, ha!

#2- My renters just brought me warm cookies. How wonderful is that? I have no idea what kind of cookies they are, all I know is that they are divine. Wow.

#3- And lastly, here is a quote that I really like...

A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.
-James Keller

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