shooting film

I have always preferred the look of film over digital. And I have always wanted to shoot wedding photography with film but it has always terrified me, so I let the coward in me win and my digital camera got all the love.
Well, a good friend of mine got married on Friday and I (along with some other photo friends) shot his wedding. Since there were other photographers shooting, there wasn't as much pressure to deliver a complete product so I thought, hey, why not? and I shot it all in film.
Let's just say that I have never been so satisfied with a wedding I've shot. The "look" that I've always been striving for with digital photography finally surfaced itself when I pushed myself to pick up the film camera.
I am so happy. I want to shoot film always.

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  1. DO IT! Film wedding photographers get paid BANK, because they can charge BANK, because clients who want film have BANK! Oh, and also because it's pretty and it looks like it makes you happy.