I was invited to a Neverland party over the weekend. Enchanting and magical just doesn't describe it adequately.

We all were asked to dressed up as a Neverland character, I chose an Indian. To get to the party, you had to drive to this 11 acre plot of forest by the lake. You drive onto the property through a dirt road and follow the balloons to the entrance. At the entrance are hanging sheets that open up to a pathway. The pathway is covered by branches of the most interesting trees that I've ever seen, it's almost like the branches were protective arms over the pathway to Neverland.
As you walk through the forest, you hear music in the distance as you get closer to the gathering spot. Once you arrive, you see the long table set up in the middle of a small clearing and lights strung across the branches. There are candles placed and lit all over the table with interesting items placed around the clearing like globes and books and musical instruments. You can smell food not too far away. 
Everyone gathers for dinner and someone starts to play their navajo flute as we eat. The music mixed with the breeze in the branches and the trees looking down created a mood that I just can't describe. The food is delicious, stew with a citrus fruit cider and biscuits. Someone joins in with the flute and starts playing their harp. It's dark now and there is a feeling of reverent mystery in our little gathering spot.
A white sheet is hung from the trees and as we all get comfortable with blankets and pillows, a silent film of Peter Pan is played through a projector. I never realized how much I love silent films. 
And then the night ended. It was sad to see it end, it was a lovely evening with good friends and the perfect getaway from reality.

Here are some phone pictures I took from this event. I didn't get too many photos but I hope you enjoy :)

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