never ever ever ever ever... ever....

This blog post is about nothing. I'm typing it up at work because if I don't do something, I will fall asleep on my face. So onward to random thoughts and today my thoughts are about Taylor Swift.

Let's be honest, this song is kind of annoying....
.... but I can't get enough of it.
Fast forward to 1:50. Are you having the same reaction that I did? Because I watched it over and over again at work last night and laughed myself off my chair.

Hahahahahahahaha! ... I just watched it again...

Speaking of Taylor, the photo from her new album Red is fantastic. I really like it a lot. It makes me smile even more because the photography for country music tends to be kind of gross and bland (in my opinion at least).

Doesn't photo look just lovely? I especially like the coloration and the whole fifties throw back that Taylor is doing right now. I love the fifties style, it speaks to my heart. I kind of want all of her outfits in the music video above. Hmmm.... maybe my sewing machine needs a little more love.

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