There have been some changes going on in my life lately and I could use some help with them...

Firstly. I have decided that once I graduate in two semesters (if not sooner) I'm going to sell the house. This has been a very difficult decision because, well, I'm going to have to find a new home for my dogs. As a lot of you know, my dogs are kids to me. I love them more than most things in this life. I've been praying about this decision a lot and it's something that I've been deliberately avoiding because I don't like the solution... but once I graduate, I'm going to be mobile and who knows where I'll end up? Most likely a place outside of Utah that won't allow dogs, let alone the lack of time I'll have. Also, this summer has just been a taste of how busy I'm going to be this school year and I'm already never home. It's been so unfair to just leave the dogs at home all day by themselves not getting the attention or exercise they need and deserve. It's only going to get worse once school starts and as much as I want to keep them, it's selfish of me because they deserve better.

Where am I going with this?

If you know of anyone who is loving, great with dogs and looking for dogs. Send them my way.

Second. Some of you may know my feelings towards Relief Society and how they're not usually pleasant... well, I've been praying to love R.S. lately and I guess the Lord took that to the max because I was just set apart as Relief Society President. (Ha! oh the irony...) I've come to love R.S. over the past few weeks though, so I guess it worked :) I have no idea how to be a R.S president... oh boy. So any prayers you want to send this way, I will not complain.

Enjoy this wonderful song by Ray LaMontagne. It's glorious. I suggest you listen :)


  1. bahaha...oh the irony...remember when we would grudgingly go to RS when we were roommates? lol I'm sure you'll do a great job though!

    As for the dogs...are you trying to send them off together, not splitting them up? and what's your timeline for them, do you want to keep them til you move or if someone comes along and wants them right away would you be ok with that? Just so I know what info to pass along :)

  2. You're RS president?! Shut the front door! You're going to be amazing. Lucky girls!!