day 25 & 26 - hola barcelona

Day 25...

Today we rode a train to Barcelona. It took about 7 hours to get there. And we had our class final for art history to take while we were on the train. Unfortunately, I was so motion sick that writing out a final was not gonna happen so I just put it aside and either slept or watched the country side to kill time. I don't mind traveling by train actually, it's kind of nice.
Once we got settled into our hotel (which is totally awesome and way nice), we walked over to a great little family owned restaurant to get dinner. They were so funny and so friendly. And it was so great with our huge group of people.
Once we got home, I started chippin' away at my beast of a final. I typed it so it went by much faster than a lot of people who hand wrote it and I got it done in a little under 5 hours. Ya know, 5 hours of straight typing for a final. No big deal. It was only just a little intense ;) I finished it the fastest out of everyone, too, because I typed it. Crazy! It was satisfying knowing that I learned so much and seeing it all written out. Kind of awesome for sure.

Day 26...

After a late start and some minor complications (like ticket booths not taking credit cards, lame), we finally were able to see the Sagrada Familia. And wow. I have never seen such an amazing building. Gaudi, the architect, started building it in 1882. He knew that it wouldn't be finished in his lifetime and so he planned it to be built over the next two centuries. He wanted it to be passed down and worked on by future generations. And so, ever since 1882, the building has been off and on under construction to work towards completion. It's estimated completion date is 2026. It's the most unique and beautiful building I have ever seen. The details and the sculpture are astounding. The stained glass windows are rainbow colored so when you walk inside the chapel, it's a sea of gorgeous color and light everywhere. It's breath taking. It was worth coming to Barcelona for that alone.

Afterwards we made a trip to the beach to say hello to the sand and waves for a bit. We didn't stay long, but it was fun to take some photos and stick my feet in the sand. Some of the girls and Rick jumped in the water, super funny! And I don't know how I missed the memo, but people like to be naked on the beach apparently.
If I had a nickel for every topless woman ....

When we got home we had another family dinner hosted by the boys. Rick made sloppy joes. And not just sloppy joes, but sloppy joes. Yum yum. While we were eating, some of the girls came down to inform us that they had locked themselves out of their hotel room. Their window was open and on the second floor so of course our first logical thought was to hoist little miss Tia up to the window so she could climb in to get the key. Great idea right? ;) Unfortunately she couldn't get up. I was spotting to make sure she didn't fall and die. It was sooo funny. She got down when she realized it wasn't gonna happen right when John walked in. He about died when we told him what we were doing, poor guy having to be responsible for all us crazy student artists (those are the most dangerous type I'd say).
John stuck around and hung out with us after that (while I type it, I wonder if it was to make sure we didn't kill someone). We ended up getting on rateyourprofessor.com to read his and Courtney's rating. We could not stop laughing! Have you ever used that site? Students rate professors and you can read the ratings to see if you want to take their class. There's also an option for a hotness scale. If the teacher has looks, they get an icon of a hot tamale pepper. We looked at Courtney's ratings and she of course had a hot tamale pepper and... wait for it.. it was on fire! Hahaha, no one had ever seen that before! She's gorgeous of course and it was so funny to see the flaming pepper for her rating. John and Courtney both had great ratings which are well deserved. They're definitely some of my favorite and most impactful teachers I've ever had. I really appreciate everything they've done for us for this trip. They're both amazing.

(One of my shots from the beach. I had fun playing with color.)

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