day 22 - da vinci, arc de triomphe and night life

Oh boy, I am so behind.
Okay, here I go.

Have you ever had those moments where you're just so excited about life that you could dance? Today is one of those days :) Europe has been life changing and it's thrilling. And considering last summer and the bad cards I got dealt, this summer can only get better and so far, it's had an amazing start!

Today we went back to the Louvre to see a special exhibit on Da Vinci and his painting of St. Anne. It was an interesting exhibit. The part I liked the most was after seeing Da Vinci's painting, they had a section full of paintings that were influenced by his work. There were so many that just straight up copied him and it was kinda cool seeing how many there were and how Da Vinci influenced so many other artists.

Afterwards, Tia, Rick, Mirielle and I headed over to the Arc De Triomphe and on the way we stopped by Champs Elysees and of course I got a video of me singing the song. It made me extremely happy and made me think about my good ol' high school french days (miss Ms. Petey!). When we got to the Arc, Tia, Rick and I climbed to the top. The view was incredible. Rick, Tia and I had an awesome talk on the top, too. Just bonded, love those two.

When we got home, some of the girls wanted to go dancing so Tia and I dressed up and we went out on the town! Unfortunately, we never got to go dancing :( Instead, the girls went to a bar after meeting up with a good lookin' Aussie dude and Tia, Kelsey, Megan and I went out to get some ice cream to avoid the awkwardness of being in a group of one boy and 8 girls and well, the bar scene. It was so fun walking around. I still adore Paris night life. So great.

When Tia and I got home, we hung out with Rick and Clark all night. That was fun... and hilarious. Ba ha :)

That was day 22!

(The view from Arc de Triomphe - I'm experimenting with different color palettes, kinda fun, we'll see if I like it in a week.)

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