I guess I can play tourist...

A post made up entirely of photos. And not only are they photos, they're cheesy tourist photos, yyyeeessss ;)

Photo descriptions:
1: Tia and I at Versailles with the gardens in the background.
2: Me in front of the Versailles palace.
3: (Left) Me in front of Marie Antoinette's farm that she used as a vacation place.
4: (Right) In front of the Louvre pyramid.
5: In front of the Mona Lisa. The tiny little brown thing on the wall. We really just wanted to show the massive, ridiculous crowd in front of it :P
6: What I do when I get distracted from homework.


  1. Are those dirt lines on your feet? Haha or did you trace your tan lines?

  2. That picture of you in front of Versailles Palace is to DIE FOR!!