day 20 - pompidou

I'm currently writing this blog while I eat nutella straight from the jar (glass jar mind you, those classy europeans) and listening to the angry, drunk frenchman yelling outside our window. Update: I think the police just came to take him away... there's no more yelling. Only the sweet voices of the Civil Wars, love.

A story I forgot to share. At the Eiffel tower, I got to hold a bunny. And it started clawing me to get down. I was very sad and confused until I put it down and it peed on the floor. What a good little bunny not peeing on me.
That's the end of my story.

Today we went to the Pompidou Center, an art museum full of post modern artwork. I loved it! There were some amazing pieces. The ones that stick out currently... a whole lot of Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, etc... (bleh, not a big fan). A Jackson Pollock (beautiful), Andy Warhol (always great), Rothko (amazing) and Klein and his International Klein Blue which is astounding in person and will vibrate your eyeballs (in a good way). And my favorite part of the day was when we went outside and there was a marching band playing awesome songs in the courtyard. The composer was so entertaining and was so into it. He was dancing about leading the music while the huge crowd clapped and danced, so fun! I really enjoyed it.

Then Mirielle and I went home to do laundry, homework and catching up on editing and journaling/blogging. It's been a relaxing evening (partially forced because we have no idea where everyone went haha). I particularly enjoyed walking through the streets before sun down, the weather was perfect and there were a lot of people out. Such a nice evening :)

Ps, this is the view from our window that we leave open constantly. To see this constantly. Because who wouldn't want to see this constantly?

Pss, do you guys like how I normally put links to all the things that I've been talking about? Would you like me to keep doing that? If no one responds, I'll stop. 

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