late night

I'm editing and photoshop is being eternally slow... as in it's taking 5 minutes to crop an image.
So while I wait, I thought I'd write a new post.

This has been an amazing weekend.
I've had so many answers to prayers and it's been incredible to witness each answer make itself manifest in my life. Every blessing has stood as a testimony to me that the Lord takes care of His children who keep His commandments. It really amazes me how much sweet and tender love the Savior has for me.

I also found that I really like to shoot with music playing. I had a photo session with my sister and we listened to music while we were shooting outside. It was so inspiring to me. I'm going to try and incorporate more things like that when I shoot. Especially since right now I'm in a horrible photo black hole... I haven't been liking anything that I've been shooting for school and it's been incredibly frustrating. I'm hoping I get past it soon.

I threw away my wedding photo albums a few days ago.
They are now at the dump.
.... It was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be.
Have you ever heard of The Civil Wars? They have a song called Poison and Wine and it's a beautiful song that I just love... It reminds me of Jordan... "I don't love you, but I always will."

We've been divorced for 7 months as of 2 days ago.
I've been trying really hard not to talk about it anymore. I feel like it's been long enough that people don't really want to hear it anymore and I especially don't want to turn into the girl that talks about her divorce all the time.
But sometimes it still hurts a whole lot...
I'm just so grateful for the Atonement. Even though it all was and sometimes still is a great burden, I can't imagine having to bear it on my own. I have felt the sweet joy that comes from the Atonement and turning over all my troubles and pains to the Lord. There have been so many times when I have felt that the pain was going to absolutely consume me and it was almost as if a blanket of peace was wrapped around my spirit. I have always been able to get through those moments because of the many tender mercies that I now think back to and hold dear.

Well, I'm going to bed now. But listen to this song if you have a minute, it's really beautiful.

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