I had a conversation with Mr. Casay the other night. We talked about us. It was a good talk, I finally understood why he's not in a place to date right now. It also gave some perspective that I wasn't wanting to accept.
I'm a very emotional person. I always joke that I'm not a high maintenance girl with the exception that I'm very emotionally high maintenance. I guess you could just say needy :P And I haven't given myself time to be me or time to learn to be alone. And most importantly, no time to learn to be okay with being alone. So after my chat with Mr. Casay, I've decided that I'm going to accept that I'm single now and I'm going to be okay with it.

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  1. I'm needy also. Super needy. You're a champ and flat-out AMAZING! Way to be awesome. Being single is fun :D When you remember to let it be...haha Love You!!