I'm not gonna lie, I'm really glad that 2011 is over, it's been quite the year. I'm hoping that I'll be able to make this next one about a million times better or so which really isn't going to be that hard to do ;)

I started dating someone awesome and it ended just about as soon as it started. We will call him Mr. Casay. Anyways, our schedules this next school semester clashed so bad (not to mention how busy he would be) that we would never see each other. And when you're dating someone and never see them, that sucks (sorry Ayisha). So we decided to hopefully try it again sometime in the future. (Or I'm just an idiot and it was a soft break up... but I'm thinking that it's not the case... I hope... ) Kinda sucks nonetheless, Mr. Casay is pretty great.
So I'm going back to the dating world! (yyyyaaaayyyy - said with zero enthusiasm haha)

I absolutely adore Ayisha my new roommate. She is a doll and we've been having a ton of fun :) I like having friends, they're a pretty swell thing to have.

I've decided to do wedding photography again. I'm enough "okay" with the divorce that I think I'll be fine with it. I really do love weddings, so hopefully I can get some bookings, we'll see.

And to end my post, here's a picture of my sis (she was kind of sick of me taking pictures) with the new cord sync for my flash and new 80mm lens that I got for Christmas. I sure love these awesome new toys :)

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  1. Yay! I adore you too. Best roomies ever! :D And it was a PAUSE not a break up. Definitely. Yes. Annndddd maybe I can't wait to see wedding pictures you take. Actually, I definitely can't wait.