"remember, remember the 5th of november"

I moved into the house this week. I also bought a car. I also got accepted into the BFA program (well, that was actually last week). I also got a hug from Keith Carter :)

I had a frustratingly bad day the other day. Moving in was a little bit harder than I thought it was going to be. I think it was seeing Jordan a lot, it's hard seeing him. But whenever I have a bad day, it's always matched up with a great day and thinking about my great day is what gets me through my bad day. Speaking of which, I had a really great day the other day. I was invited to a private dinner with Keith Carter right before a lecture that he gave (that was fantastic of course). And the following morning was a few hours of Q&A. So amazing. Keith Carter is such a fantastic photographer, I was giddy when he gave me a hug and told me that my freckles were beautiful :)

Here are a few of his amazing images...

I could look at his work all day long. Its so beautiful and so full of emotion.
He also was so inspiring. I wrote down so much of what he said because I didn't want to forget any of it. Here are some things that I found particularly great... Enjoy.

"Accidents in your life can often become main plots."

"Making photographs is kind of like breathing... I'm happiest when I make [them]."

"It's not what you see, it's the significance of what you see in it."

"I think of my pictures as my own autobiography... it's like my own diary in some ways."

"I just always loved doing the work, it's like being alive really."

"For some people, I think it's really helpful for you to belong to a place. It can be a mental place... belong to a place, belong to something, belong to someone... it's gives your work a certain stability."

"I don't forget to play."

"If you take the time to dress well, someone will always notice. If you make a distinctive, honest body of work, someone will pay attention."

"Don't ever think you can't make a difference... It was one young man who discovered the Americas... it was one young 32 year old Thomas Jefferson who said all men are created equal."

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  1. Wow, what BEAUTIFUL pictures. And you're right - full of emotion, too!